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Hidden heritage that lies in the womb of the English and Foreign Language University (formerly known as CIEFL) and by campus students it is named as EFLU Hyderabad. This heritage well is known as Maha Laqa Chanda Bai Well.

It was built during Asif Jahi’s rule and it is about 200 years old and it is not just a well but a historical edifice with beautifully laid out corridors, platforms and decks. As one could imagine, for a few decades it was the Centre for art and culture for the students. Recently it is listed by Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Corporation (HMDC) as heritage site.

This well was used as an Amphitheatre with people sitting around the stairs and being part of cultural events. Don’t miss this site because if it is placed in mathematical terms then its equivalent to age of Golconda caves.

It is located in English and Foreign Language University of Hyderabad and when I was doing my proficiency course in English I have found this well which is located at Centre of the university in a bad condition later on it was preserved by group of students of EFLU.

Finding a heritage well that is not known to everyone is like achievement to me because by this article everyone is aware of this heritage well.