9th -10th March 13 Ajanta Ellora Part 1

It was 9:30am and we got down from our room to get to the bus waiting for us and were received by the conductor of the bus. Walked a few meters to get on the bus and then it started. We were scheduled to visit five places- Daulatabad Fort, Ellora caves, Jyotirling temple, Bibi ka Makbara and Pan chakki. . The caves were a beautiful sight and instantly take you back in time. With our tickets we started off to see a few of 32 caves that our predecessors from various beliefs have left behind for us.

full post: http://unesconus.blogspot.com/2013/03/9th-10th-march-13-wonder-that-is-called.html?token=LfU3hD0BAAA.kbhMTfnLxNyFZ5ch0W6dxQ.Eqscycn2VeoUeK7XVWS-fw&postId=7438768602082270733&type=POST

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