A stroll through Glamo? town

Glamo? is a town and municipality located in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a true archipelago of attractive locations whether natural or manmade. The rich cultural and historical heritage is an integral part of the landscape, and karst landforms simply grab their unusual shapes.

The cultural landscape is officially not, but it could be presented as “museum of space”. The natural beauty of Glamo? is meant to be preserved. Conservationists have stressed the importance of safeguarding its delicate ecological balance.

Stecci are the tombstones that can be commonly found in the region.
Image: Nermin Sarajlic on Flickr

Three Glamo?ka wonders that draw special attention

  • The river Vrba hosts water that flows uphill. This miracle is apparent, but very attractive to geographic explorers and those who deal with language. In Glamo? the field at higher altitude is called “Donje” (lower), and at a lower altitude it is called “Gornje” (upper)?!
  • The impressive monument (mašet, tomb) of Omer beg Baši? from 1798. It is carved out of one stone block. Its height of 3.50 meters makes it one of the highest monuments of this type in the Balkans.
  • A medieval monument, located directly next to the main road, is the biggest structure in Glamo?. It is a huge stone set on three small stones (pilgrims), whose dimensions, shape, orientation are spatially and mathematically calculated. There are many mysteries surrounding this peculiar but simple structure.
The Sujica Roman bridge.
Image: Brian Eager on Flickr

The most famous Roman road in our regions is called the road of salt. Following the heritage we want to preserve it and to present it on the best way, showing farmer Roman stations, and todays places and cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Glamo? is one of them.

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