Ajay & Parul Travel Profile (Winners GoUNESCO 2014)

Ajay & Parul are the winners of GoUNESCO 2014 and here is their travel profile. Meet them at the GoUNESCO Grand Finale on 19th April, this Saturday at 6:30 PM at Prasads Preview Theater, Hyderabad. They are going to be on stage to collect their prizes and speak with us about their experiences.

Ajay Parul

Total Number of Countries Visited: 3

Average Number of Vacations a year: 3-4 vacations of 7-10 days each (last year they took off 7-8 times totally!)

Total Number of World Heritage Sites Visited: 28

Favourite WHS:

Ajay: Caves & Rocks at Sigiria, Srilanka

Parul: Hampi

One Travel Fantasy:

Ajay: A year-long backpacking trip across the world

Parul: Land in any country and get in without a visa

Advise to Other Travelers:

Ajay: Never kill your travel bug

Parul: Just start traveling. You do not need too much preparation, you will always figure it out


So, do you have a question for Ajay & Parul? Post it in the comments and we will get them to respond to you.

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