The Albert Hall

Anukriti Gupta Albert Hall Jaipur

The Central Museum of Jaipur, popularly known as the Albert Hall is the oldest museum in Rajasthan. It is also the State Museum of Rajasthan. Its architecture is remarkable. It is based on Indo-Saracenic architecture. It is named after King Albert Edward VII who led to the foundation of this beautiful building in 1876. It is located in the Ram Niwas Garden which adds to its beauty. It was meant to be a town  hall when Maharaja Ram Singh started its construction but his successors made it into a museum to enhance Jaipur’s rich heritage. This museum has over 19,000 historic items like metal ware, jewelry, ivory work, paintings, leather, etc. The most distinctive feature about this museum is the Egyptian Mummy belonging to Ptolemaic Epoch.
Even in the scorching heat of June, people from all over the world can be seen in and around this museum. It is by far the most visited destinations in Jaipur. The Darbar Hall inside this museum has the largest floor covering in the world. The carpet is one of its kind.

It is absolutely based on Rajasthani culture and traditions. It has different galleries for different art forms. The central gallery completely shows Rajasthani music and dance forms. Other galleries depict puppets and phad paintings, “Mehendi Mandana”,  lifestyle of tribals,etc.

The Albert Hall Museum is the best place to go if you are interested to know about ancient Rajasthani culture and heritage!


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