Why incredible Bagalkot is a destination for everyone

Set amid the serene backdrop of Tilakaaranya  forest and Badami, the Banashankari temple in Bagalkot in Karnataka is believed to have been built by the Chalukyas. The temple has been modified numerous times and hence one can see an integration of many architectural styles. Among the many worshipers of the deity are the Devanga clan, who are one of the earliest Kannada community known for their skills in weaving silk and cotton.

The Banashankari Temple.
The Banashankari Temple. Photo credit: jinkchak.wordpress

The Harishchandra tirtha (holy pond) facing the temple is surrounded by a series of steps and stone mandapas. But, the most striking feature of the temple is the deepa sthamba (previously a watch tower) which exhibits a mix of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Parvati’s Durga avatar

According to local folklore, goddess Parvati in her Durga avatar came to this very place to assassinate a demon named Durgamasura, who had been threatening the villagers and then she took form of Shakambari (local name of the goddess) as she provided them with vegetables and fruits.

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