Bhopal Lokrang Samaroh


The Lokrang Festival usually known as the Famous Lokrang Samaroh, held in January, is celebrated in the city of Bhopal & is famous for its Folk & Tribal dance forms. Taking place over five fun-packed days, sites across the city centre are filled with entertainment including drama, various dance forms, music, art, heritage and more. Lokrang Festival is being held from last 20 years on the great & auspicious clarion of republic day. It is a five day long festival organised by Madhya Pradesh Adivasi Lok Kala Academy at open air auditorium of the Ravindra Bhavan. For five consecutive days, a fair is held to commemorate ancient Indian cultures. These ancient mores are on the door-sill of extermination. Lokrang Samaroh tries its best to revive these cultures.


Lokrang Festival is known for its variety of Dance Performances from different parts of  the country throwing light upon various heritage cultures. Every year it is held with a definite motive. Sometimes it concentrates on West Indian cultures where it focuses on dance forms like those of Tarangamel Dance form of Goa which is filled with energy & youthfulness or the Ghoomar dance form of Rajasthan performed by a group of artists called Naachato Rajasthan, while at others it concentrates on the North Indian cultures and focuses on dance forms like Nati of Himachal Pradesh performed by the Pahaadi people or Bhangra of Punjab. Different forms of clothing from different places in India are represented in the performances held. Tribal dances are performed which aesthetically portrays Indian Culture & Heritage. These mainly include some famous dance forms like Kathi dance form of West Bengal & Lota dance form of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhangra Dance form
Garba Dance form

Ghoomar Rajasthani Dance Form

This January the Lokrang Festival was focused on the Western States of India; Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Daman-Diu and Dadar Nagar Haveli. Various dance forms like Lavani & Garba were beautifully performed. Lavani is the traditional dance form of Maharashtra. It is a combination of dance & music performed on the beats of Dholak, a percussion instrument. Similarly, Garba is a famous dance form of Gujarat customarily performed by the women in circular patterns of movement and rhythmic clapping. Apart from the performances, various pictures based on the ancient and medieval dance of India which were performed in the palaces & cultural festivals have also been depicted which are a major source of attraction for the visitors.

Goa Dance form
Kathi Dance of West Bengal
Lavani lokrang 2016
lokrang manipuri dance


The chief rationale behind the fest is eradicating geographical differences between the people and bringing India as a unified whole. These dance forms from various regions have unified people in ways more than one by making them aware of the different lifestyles & cultures of  India. People from various places come to visit Bhopal to be a part of Lokrang Festival where they get to know an insight of their country’s tribal & classical dance forms .

Tribal dance Lokrang



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