Binchester Roman festival #HeritageInteract

With further members of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland Committee, I helped at the stall to promote the protection and appreciation of the historic environment and this local voluntary amenity society.  We discussed the future of Binchester Roman Fort, including the thoughts that Durham County Council might wish to develop tourism with Visit County Durham and that the Auckland Castle Trust might wish to develop a partnership with Eleven Arches to organise shows with greater links to Vionovia.

Heritage development forms an integral part of the local regeneration at Auckland Castle and the environment of Bishop Auckland with training and skills development in heritage construction, horticulture and facilities management plus a programme of educational activities.  Links between Binchester and Auckland Castle will enhance the wider regeneration aims of the Auckland Castle Trust in the Vale of Durham.

The Binchester Roman festival displayed the full extent of the seven years of excavation from 2009.  One of the key questions excavating Binchester Roman Fort could help answer was what happened to the fort after the Romans.  Many people appreciated the investment in Binchester for understanding their past and enhancing the economic opportunities in the area but worried about accessing the site by public transport.

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