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In the small village of Golubinci in the municipality of Stara Pazova Castlle, Slos is the oldest preserved building and has become the symbol of the village. The castle was built in 1767 according to the project of architect Florijan Madocsnui by the Government of Vojna Krajina (“Military Border”) in former Austria – Hungary and today Vojvodina region in Serbia.

Slos was built for the purpose of housing officer families who were temporarily deployed in military command. The external appearance, interior arrangement, treatment of facade and details, showing the characteristics and features of the military architecture of Vojna Krajina. Beside architectonical this cultural monument has also a very important historical value.

For many years, the castle was in ramshackle and decrepit condition, neglected by those who are responsible for the care of cultural heritage. In the thick layers of dust are woven different historical stories or legends that are related to this building.

Beethoven’s Love

From Vienna to village Golubinci and vice versa traveled voluminous love correspondence between music composer Ludwig van Beethoven and his lover Janet Hontor. They met each other in youth, and love of court musician and court lady of relatively high social status, was strong and passionate, but did not last long. Janet chose for her life companion the noble and officer Karl fon Gret who was a person of higher social respect and certainly the material perfectly situated.

Janet with her husband moved in Castle Slos and Beethoven stayed with broken heart. In love with a musician, she sent from the Slos letters full of love and a desire to see him again. Lonely Janet in the winter silence of Srem plain was often thinking about her truly love and wrote him a Christmas card, according to available documents. In the Beethoven Museum in Bonn is kept a letter in which Janet explains in the form of drawing, to her lover how he can reach the castle Slos in Srem, and from there goes the assumption that the great artist was coming in the Slos and had an affair with a beautiful lady.

Serbian Ruler Karadjordje

This cultural monument represents an important site for Serbian history from 19th century. In 1804 Karadjordje Petrovic undertake an uprising in the aim to liberate land from the Ottoman Empire. The collapse of the First uprising occurred in 1813, when the Turks restored power in Serbia. Leader Karadjordje was forced to run away. He was hiding for a while from enemies in Castle Slos.


Mystical Stories

According to certain information, the Castle was used as a torture chamber. Last martyrs inscribed their recognition in the walls of the castle, at the end of the Second World War. Then no wonder why Slos follow the stories of curses, unbelief and punishments. The story says that first owner of household found his wife in moment when she cheating him. He kill servant lover and tied wife on one of the pillars of Castle, saying that she will stay there until the spiders cover her with their net. Without food and water she died. The man was repented and wanted to punish him for committing murders. Hi was sitting motionless for weeks in sofa praying for forgiveness. On the end he died and spider covered his all body with cobwebs.

From then among the inhabitants in Golubinci circulating a legend that spiders bring in home dear guests and good news. But if you kill them you will hear screams from Castle Slos and bad luck will follow you.

Etno-eco Museum

This cultural monument is under the protection of state. But it was left without care to become a ruin. The citizens of the village initiated restoration of Castle, which was done two years ago. The idea that Castle Slos need to be a museum, precisely etno-eco museum shows how it is significance for us in cultural and artistic sense, but also in sense of intangible heritage because of legend and stories that are kept between Castle walls. The project was stopped, and this idea unfortunately stayed just in a form of idea. I hope that important cultural values like Castle Slos will exceed money and political issues, and have treatment and attention which they deserve.

Slos in winter
Slos in winter