Capturing Culture

Intangible cultural Heritage includes oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts.
There are many such specimens around us, the task is to choose any one of them, they may not necessarily be on the UNSECO list.

The GCA needs to talk to the artistes or practitioners of the culture, talk to them about the legacy, the importance of the culture in history of civilisation and its current state. GCAs need to include the interview with the artist in an article and their suggestions and ideas on preserving the ICH. 

Horn Artistry

Despite of having a rich historical background, horn craft is less known in India. ...


The Art Of Mehendi

From presenting the fabulous skills at stage to being a street artist, India can ...

Working with clay

Pottery: A Lost Art

Since last few decades various art forms in delhi have started to diminish, pot ...

Durga Idols being made at Kumaratuli Kolkata

Durga Puja and Kumartuli Idols

“Never kill what don’t die……….” You have Social events and you have religious events. ...