Heritage Owners

Select anyone monument of your city and perform the following research –

Trace the history of the site and list the various owners of the site since the time it was built. Who has ownership passed on since the builders to the current owners?
List the various agencies currently in charge of maintenance and preservation of the site and briefly describe their roles. If the site has been restored recently, detail the agency which worked on the restoration and briefly describe the restoration project.
Visit the site and speak to the authorities currently in-charge of the site – your article should have the names and designations of the officials you spoke to. Get their perspectives on – current challenges in maintenance, long term vision for the preservation of the site.
Get a picture with any of the officials you spoke to.
Add your comments on the current situation of the monument and suggest steps for improvement. Only this step should contain your opinions, the previous steps should be purely factual.

Your article submission should have these sections –

  • Name of Site
  • brief description
  • History of ownership
  • Current owners and stakeholders
  • Comments and suggestions.

Last date of submission: 20th September 2015

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