Heritage Trailer

Task Description:

There are two parts of this task. Firstly, pick a site from the list of potential sites to be nominated to become World Heritage Sites (WHS) or any heritage site. Make a 30 second commercial telling others why they should visit that particular place. In addition, make another video enlisting your experience with GoUNESCO in making heritage fun.

Preparation Required:

For Part 1:

1. The commercial should contain the pictures (please do mention the source of the photographs in the end).
2. It should be of 30 seconds.
3. No plagiarism shall be accepted. You need to make it in your words.

For Part 2:

4. Video should be of at least a minute.
5. Do Mention your name and country in the video.
6. Ensure adequate lighting and proper sound quality

Qutub minar – Trailer

  Qutab minar trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRhmvoximzM My journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAuRImCVNNw

Red fort trailer

Commercial on Red Fort


Panhala fort trailer

Heritage Trailer – Panhala fort

I have nominated Panhala Fort situated near Kolhapur district of Maharashtra for the World ...

Asiatic Society of Mumbai

Asiatic Society of Mumbai The Asiatic Society of Bombay is a public state library ...