Task Description

This task will test your imagination and your planning skills.
You have to create a hypothetical 2 week trip from your city which covers at least 5 UNESCO heritage sites.

Goal – create the most efficient trip possible, meaning get the best value for your time and money.

  1. Start from you city and plan a trip to cover at least 5 UNESCO world heritage sites in your vicinity.
  2. Plan a detailed day wise itinerary – which transport you will use, what sites you would like to visit, what you want to see, any detours you might want to take.
  3. Calculate the budget for stay, travel, food, anything else you might want to do.
  4. You can choose any mode of transport, but public transport is recommended.
  5. Write down the number of kms/miles you will travel each day and the money you will spend per day.

How to submit

  1. The basic format you can submit in is a text itinerary. Add the total amount spent and kms/miles traveled at the end of each day.
  2. You can get more creative with the presentation of your itineraries – add pictures or create infographics, etc, but the information has to necessarily be there.
  3. Please do not upload word docs or pdfs, paste the text directly to the wordpress editor and upload the images you want in the article you write.

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