What is heritage?

Task Description

Form a team, talk to 10 people (just a suggestion, you can talk to more people too), find out what heritage means to them and collect their responses.

  • This task is different from the past tasks in two ways – you will actually have to leave your computer and go out, you will not work alone on this task.
  • It is also a very open ended task, please feel free to imagine and express in any way you want.

Q. How big should your team be?
A. At least 2 in each team. Larger teams are ok too.

Q. Who can be part of your team?

  • GoUNESCO Campus Ambassadors (in your city or outside – you can team up across countries too). The list of all GCAs with contact details is here – link. Please contact directly and form teams. If you do not receive responses from someone, please ask others. Coordinate among yourselves, decide on what you would like to do and keep eachother updated.
  • Your friends and family – they need not be a GCA.
  • Anyone else you think might be interested in heritage and this task.

Can you convince your entire class to join in, that is ok too! Just make sure to add their photo, mention and thank them in your article.

Q. Who should you talk to?
A. Try a diverse sample of people – fellow students, your teachers, working professionals, retirees, anyone who can bring a different perspective. Go to a mall, stop someone on the street, anyone.

Q. What kind of questions should you ask?
A. Before asking questions, request for a few minutes of a person’s time and explain what you are doing and why. Tell them that you are part of a project which is trying to make heritage fun and their perspective can help it. A few questions (only suggestions, not mandatory) –

  • What do you consider as heritage?
  • Is awareness, conservation and preservation of heritage important? Why? How should we go about it?

Q. How do I collect responses and submit this task?

  • You are free to choose the medium you are most comfortable with – a paper based questionnaire, audio/video recordings, photo story, anything. If you use a questionnaire and record answers on paper, list the questions first in your submission and then list the people you spoke to and their responses.
  • Submissions are to be done on gounesco.com as in earlier tasks. Audio and video files can be uploaded on soundcloud.com, youtube.com (add a meaningful title and brief description/background) and embedded in the article (look for embed html code and use that instead of urls).
  • If your team consists of more than one GCA, only one of you is required submit the article and mention the other GCAs involved – points will be awarded to all GCAs.

Notes –

  1. Be courteous, explain why you want to ask questions and request their permission. If possible, get a photo with them and take their email address – email your article after it is published.
  2. When you talk to people, you might be asked the same questions in return. I am confident that after all the tasks you have completed, you have a fair idea of what heritage means – however, be prepared. Simple things like the number of world heritage sites in the world, in your country should be on top of your mind. Also the cultural heritage of your region.
  3. After you are done with your brief interview, do mention about world heritage and GoUNESCO.

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