WHS research

Task Description

The #gounescoselfie task was a way to get you to discover heritage around you, the next task will make you aware of heritage much farther away. In this task, you have been assigned a couple of World Heritage Sites. You have to learn everything about them, just everything, do your research on them, find interesting information and unleash your creativity while presenting it. You don’t have to stick to text alone, you can create an infographic, or an informative poster, or a video, or a quiz anything really. Think of cool stuff!

However, for each assigned WHS, you have to do research and collect following information:

  1. Information about the WHS and pictures (make sure to add credit/links to sources at the bottom of your article)
  2. Compile trivia, quiz, and other interesting facts
  3. Submit your article at the end of deadline here – link

Assigned WHS have been emailed individually.

UNESCO WHS tent city of Champaner-Pavagadh found few takers

Little is written about this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site of Champaner- Pavagadh in ...

The city shaped by wars

We would not be who we are today without our history, and history means ...

Sana’a and Coa Valley

Old city of Sana’a Sana’a is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in ...