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1 6 3 4 5In the image (L to R) : Vipul, me, Ankur, Jatin , Abhay.

Another visit to the Lakshmi Narayan Temple complex along with my friends was not a big ask as Chamba being a small town everyone is near to it. It did not take much to convince my friends to come to the temple. It actually gets boring if you come to the same place like some of did but this time it was a different intention as we came here to learn more about it. Facts and stuff. Looked at some old photos and stories about how the rare marble was brought here from the Vindhyachal mountains to construct the idol of Lord Vishnu and various legends associated with the Temple. Had a chat with the staff which takes care of the temple , library etc. The man who plays a local instrument during the puja was an interesting one. Learned some stuff about Shikhara style on which this temple is constructed upon. At one point guys were closely looking at the temple’s architecture which i think they did for the first time.

As i went home for a few days , I could only get in touch with four of my friends. Most of them were out of town due to work or studies. The one on the extreme right (Abhay) goes to the temple regularly because he is a religious guy and the one in the centre (Ankur) goes sometimes with his parents . Rest of us had not been to the temple for a long time. Honestly I do not know if they actually were pretty much interested in coming to the temple as being locals they had been there before but all in all they must have gained some knowledge about their local heritage and for me I gained a little more on my second visit.