Tasting the flavours of China in Nigeria

The food of China is an accurate symbol of Chinese culture and their attitude towards a meal. Aside from the modern cuisines of China, there has always been 4 major cuisines in existence which represent represent the West, North, South and East Chinese Cuisines. These are the Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine. China is known for its food because it is a country that feeds on fresh, simply prepared food. From our interactions with Chinese people that visited the restaurant we went to at the Greenwood Court, the best dish is apparently perceived as one with a complete course because it contains all the nutrients essential for a satiated tummy, and a healthy life.

The Chinese use a variety of vegetables in their food. Spring Onions find abundant use in most recipes.
Image: Ehighibe Promise

Of course I can’t say I absolutely loved every single dish equally, but I couldn’t let go of the chicken sauce. Funny enough my friends all had their own different favorite dishes. The chicken sauce was so delicious that I decided to take down the recipe in order to learn how to prepare. In the process, I discovered it was very easy to prepare. The recipe is as simple as frying green peas, little carrot and onion in a little coconut oil. One must add salt and spices; then put in the cooked chicken and stir till it’s ready. It goes with rice, noodles and other carbohydrates which supplement the dish to complete it. I must confess that the Chinese eat healthy food; it is without a doubt, why they look healthy, fresh and always glowing which is obviously because we all are a product of what we eat.

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