Conference, 2018

The GoUNESConference epitomizes the idea of a live discussion about heritage, carried out from behind your computer screens, in the comfort of one’s home.

At GoUNESCO, we’ve always encouraged discourse that raises awareness about culture and heritage. Every year, we strive to find new ways to express our drive to preserve heritage by engaging with our audiences in varied ways. The GoUNESCO internship program and the #makeheritagefun campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways in which we spur discussions on the blogosphere.

Around a year and a half ago, we came up with the concept of a live conference, in tandem with Facebook releasing it’s live video feature. We thought we could encourage the discussions that we specialize in over social media, and enable people to be a part of the live experience, as and when it happens, while also giving them the capability to revisit and re-experience the educational journey that it took them through. This spurred the idea of the GoUNESConference, which will take place this year, once again for the third time, on Friday, May 25th, 2018.

We gather experts from across the globe to discuss a particular topic with our interns, which corresponds to the theme of the month being followed for the internship. The first two conferences focused on Restorative practices in archaeology and heritage conservation, and intangible heritage as a narrative for cultures across the world. This year, the theme of the month that the GoUNESConference will be picking up is that of Dance, Music and Cultural Festivals. We’ll be discussing the notion of ‘Living Heritage‘ with our experts, Alvaro Menéndez Soler, Cultural Heritage Expert (Spain) and Giorgio Andrian, UNESCO World Heritage Expert and Consultant (Italy).

Our experts are mavericks in their domain, and will be broadcasting live to answer questions that our curious interns pose to them. Supplementary questions from the audience will also be entertained after each session, so don’t hesitate to drop a message or go live after a session is done, if you have doubts or questions that need answering. To know more about the conference, visit the event’s Facebook page here.

Remember to save the date! We hope to see you there, watching the live broadcast and raising your awareness about heritage with us! To know more and RSVP, visit the Facebook page here!

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