The magic sound of the jingling anklets of Kathakali : Crossword



1. The language spoken mainly in Kerala

2. A traditional percussion instrument used in Kathakali

5. Building used for the representation of dramatic works and other types of entertainment

6. Sanskrit word that means story

9. It’s called “God�s own country”

10. The principal singer of Kathakali

15. The cosmopolitan city where it takes place the Kathakali Dance Performance


3. The prince’s name who kills the beast Baka

4. The �Baka Vadham�

7. It�s a traditional folk dance and a ritual art of Kerala

8. A classical Indian dance-drama or religious storytelling of Kerala

11. He demonstrates emotions whith eyes and facial expressions

12. They are use to mime the story

13. It’s used by the actors to express emotions

14. It is used to apply the traditional makeup

*My task#3 is this fun crossword and the Amruta’s article:”Kathakali: Baka Vadham”is used as a reference.


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