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1.   The animal which is used as a model in the tradition called ” The Goat Procession”, in Romanian.

2.   The purpose of wearing animal masks in this ritual is to scare away bad

3.   Besides wearing masks, the people during the Goat Procession also wear

4.   In Moldavia, during the ”Mersul cu Ursul” people are dressed up as

5.   The title of the poem young men are reciting to every family before New Years Eve.

6.   The aim of the Bear Procession is to bring to the lands.

7.   The Romanian name of the special item children are carrying while saying their wishes.

8.   Once this item was a bouquet of little branches, nowadays it is represented with a decorated

9.   They are having this tradition on the of January.

10.  Children are chanting a special song and wishing health to the members of the family.

SOLUTION hint: A general wish we all want for the new year.  <Intangible>



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