The culture of making idols

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu shakti – rupena samsthita
Namas tasyai, namas tasyai, namas tasyai namo namah



Kolkata�� “The city which is famous for maa”

Durga puja is the famous festival of kolkata which is very much popular all over the India. All the artists has started working harder to show their skills of making beautiful and attractive idols for Durga Puja.


Idols made by the artists of kolkata are very famous throughout the world. The most popular place where these idols are prepared is kumortuli which is situated in shobha bazaar.


There is a ritual that the idol of maa durga is incomplete without adding the soil of kumortuli.These idols are so beautiful that it attracts the people from every corner of the world to purchase it and it also attracted me so i went there to see how the artists are preparing these idols.




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I met one artist there who’s name was Sumant

Me – which idol you are preparing now??

Sumant – maa durga

Me – can you tell me how you prepare this

Sumant – firstly we make a structure by wood then we furnish it with some sand and soil and after that we paint it and give it real types look

Me – waoo sumant its really too good to hear about all these

Me – can you tell me how much you charge for each idol and how many buyers you get

Sumant – It depends upon the size of the idol and i get many buyers even more than expectations so i cant tell you the exact numbers, not only from kolkata we get orders from other places too just two days ago one man from Canada purchased a ganpati idol and he was really very happy after getting that.

Photos by Debangan Kar