Dairy Of Tripper

Champaner Pavagadh Sunset

Here is Hypothetical diary of tripper which starts heritage visit leaving Ahmedabad and terminating the trip at Ahmedabad, read to know more. In fact I haven’t visited some of sites visited by the hypothetical writer or this dairy.

The trip starts from Ahmedabad and day by day exploring different heritage sites and culture of west and middle India in 9 days.
Day 1- Pavagh:
Before sunrise, in early morning we took Bus for Pavagadh. The cool breeze mesmerised the morning. Headlights of vehicles seemed to me like starts in Black background of sky. Soon we witnessed sunrise. Morning made us enthusiastic to trek up hill, to reach Temple of Mahakali. With our energy drinks and instant packs of maggi we started to climb.

Oh WoW! expressions were reflected on everyones face as we witnessed many beautiful lakes and greenery around us. Weather was perfect. Soon we reached uphill finding ourselves in the crowded line of disciples.

After having Darshan in temple we had a light lunch and started our journey down the hill. Then we visited Champaner city and left for Vadodara. Early morning start was good we realised as we saw the rush for Rope way. After visit at Champaner we caught bus for Vadodara, from we were having train to Mumbai.

Goldn Temple MI arrived on time and everyone was happy climbing with their heavy or light bags.

Day 2- Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus:

No doubt about the beauty of station. Early morning arrived at the next WHS- CST. As soon we came out from station, we witnessed busy life of city. Booked our rooms and went on the sightseeing. whether its shopping or beach city pleased us in every possible way.

While on the way back to hotel, we again found ourselves under the impressive dome of then called VT station. When we came out it station look beautiful, it never looked like a station to me.

Day 3- Elephanta Caves:

Took taxi and went to Gateway of India, and took the first ferry. Sea way awesome, cool wind bowling. Oh! Big steamers, hovercraft ahha!! Viewing all this we reached the caves. Then one more transportation facility, Toy Train, and then the great caves we reached after climbing few steps. On the big gate one can see, WORLD HERITAGE SITE, written on the rock.

Caves are divided into parts and every part has a story/ message to convey.
Government has provided guides for free to tourist, so don’t pay to any local guide as they might fool you.

After spending sometime we took ferry back to Gateway of India. and caught Devagiri Exp. to head towards Aurangabad.

Day 4- Ajanta Ellora Caves:
We reached Jalgaon early in morning. With the 1 days stay we booked our hotel rooms.Early Morning: Reach Jalgaon. Book a room for a day. And soon left to cover both the caves. The caves have beautiful story to tell. We reached our hotel room ony late in evening. Packed our whatsoever stuff, so that early in morning we could catch Hyb Aii Spl to make our way to Bhopal, city of Lakes.

Day 5- The day in Train and arrival at Bhopal:
The way to Bhopal in Hyb Aii Spl was amazing. There are only few days when you spend your whole day with your friends without worrying about anything else. We played lots of games, shared many funny incidents and had lots of fun. By evening we reached Bhopal. After hotel formalities we had no time to visit anywhere so We thought at least to have a walk through streets of Bhopal. After our Bhojpuri dinner we went for the walk and I was just speechless seeing the beauty of city in night and whole night I was dreaming bhopal, its lakes and beauty in morning.
Day 5:
Early in the morning I again went for a walk, and can’t express the beauty of place in words. Then we got ready, and soon were on the way to Bhimbetka rock Shelter 45 km from city.
The 30,000 year old rock painting will amaze your eyes. The place is glorified with the surrounding flora and fauna forests. It is well said by some tourist it is really a silence history.
After a remarkable day we went back to Bhopal again by painful Public Transportation.

Day 6- Day at Bhopal:
Rani Mahal, Regional Science center, Jama Masjid and all we could make in a day we explored. We also attended show at Bharat Bhavan Museum. Awesome place and awesome show. The markets of Bhopal are just amazing. It wasn’t tired full day, but was surely among most fav days.
Day 7:
Four gates around the stupa are what make it really considered to be most amazing place in world. The World Heritage Site, Sanchi Stupa was our trip for the 7th day. It gives a great insight to history of Gautam Buddha. The carvings are beautiful and give an insight on the great Indian history. It is 52 Km from Bhopal and is well connected to city.
Day 8- Day to leave city of lakes:
We had train at 12:00 in noon. So we packed our bags, had a look outside our hotel windows to bid farewell to the beautiful city and caught our train. Long journey towards Patan our next and last place in the trip.
Day 9- Exploring Rani Ki Vav:
The train was scheduled early arrival at Patan but due to some delays we were late at the station, well good for us as we can Visit Rani ki Vav early morning at 5 am. After leaving train we soon reached Rani Ki Vav, recently declared as World Heritage Site. Very well preserved carvings, the minutest details in every sculpture was mindblowing and soul soothing experience. It is the most ancient stepwell, and vividly reflects the craftsmen’s work in making it so beautiful. This amazing stepwell was built by Rani Udayamati and because of that this stepwell became famous as Rani Ki Vav.
After visit at Rani Ki Vav, we also visited at modhera Sun Temple and successfully finished our 9 day heritage trip at Ahmedabad.

Food Expenses: 2500 Rs appx.
Travel Expenses: 4,500 Rs appx. (Traveling by sleeper class and in city by public transport)
Staying: 6,000 Rs ( 1 day stay at bombay, 1 day stay at aurangabad,3 days stay at Bhopal,)
Total: 13,000 Rs

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