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Qutb Minar:

Since I put up from New Delhi, my day 1 of the trip kicks off from The tallest world heritage site in the city ie Qutb Minar.
Me and my younger sister left our place after lunch, it was half past 2 when we boarded Metro from Janakpuri West station. We reached Qutab Minar station in around an hour though the station is quite far from the station, we took an auto which hardly took 10mins to reach the site. Then we purchased the tickets for Rs 10 each as Ticket price for Qutub Minar is 10 Rupees for Indians and 250 Rupees for foreigners. Kids up to 15 years of age are allowed free entry.
Then we explored Qutb Minar, Iron Pillar, Alai Darwaza, clicked a lot of pictures. It was evening by that time. The sunset was worth witnessing.
Later we moved back knowing more site in Meherauli, surrounding Qutab minar. So we planned to come early next day.

DAY 1 expenses on:

 FOOD = 0
TRAVEL= 200 (approx)



Qutb Minar surroundings (Mehrauli Archaeological Park & Jamali Kamali and surrounding tombs):

We decided to travel via car as these sites were slightly away from each other, the Archaeological park is vast in area we started with Jamali Kamali mosque later Metcalfe House, which was once a tomb.
There were many sculptures on the go. Was a greenly experience as it was so greenery out there.

Distance by road: 22kms

DAY 2 expenses on:

FOOD/Water: 350

DAY 3:

Our next destination was also from Delhi; Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb is located near the crossing of Mathura road and Lodhi road. We took metro to reach Humayun’s Tomb, nearest station is JLN Stadium. We took an auto rickshaw to reach Humayun’s Tomb. As we were reaching there, everything started appearing cleaner and beautiful!

It is one of the remarkable structures of the Mughal Empire in India. The main gateway of Humayun’s tomb ushers a person in front of a large square enclosure which is the tomb of the Humayun situated at the center standing on a beautiful marble pedestal.  The walls of this monument, garden squares surround the entire structure.

We left the site by sunset collecting a lot of memories.

DAY 3 expenses on:

FOOD/Water: 410


DAY 4-6:

These days were planning days. In order to plan for further World Heritage Sites outside Delhi, We finalized traveling to Agra with few besties. But before that Red Fort, New Delhi was on the list.

DAY 7:
RED FORT, New Delhi

Nearest metro station to Red Fort is Chandni Chowk, so we reached in 35mins from Janakpuri..
Bright Sunny Day made the morning warmer. The tickets for entry is 10 Rs per head.
Lal Quila also called the Red Fort is one of the most important monuments of India. The whole structure is made of Red stone. The fort was built by Shahjahan – the Mughal King who also built the famous Taj Mahal – in 1648.
Red Fort was very tiring as sun drained us completely so we planned to return after the late lunch.

Expenses at RED FORT:

FOOD/Water: 470
TRAVEL: 112 (Metro Only)



DAY 8:

Heading towards Agra

Finally me and my friends were set to leave for Agra! We booked an Innova , we 5 friends left at 12PM after breakfast. Distance to Agra was 6 hours long, once we crossed Delhi border, DND corridor was fantastic!!
We had superb lunch at a Dhabha then we reached out hotel by evening. Hotel Taj view was good on our budget too.. We booked 2 basic rooms which were very cool on our pockets.
Though our trip was planned for 4 days in Agra, day 1 spent in travelling and local market.

DAY 9:

Fatehpur Sikri

It is very huge site. The Fort stands on the banks of the river Yamuna with double walls to protect it. These walls are very high. The fort has four gates. Presently, the entry to the fort is allowed through the gate in the south of the fort called the Amar Singh Rathore Gate is a stone statue of a horse’s head built by Amar Singh Rathore of Jodhpur in remembrance of his faithful horse that had jumped the walls of the fort and lost its legs in order to save its master. It is a monumental example of the mixture of Persian and Indian style. We enjoyed a lot here.
On the way back to our hotel we had snacks and packed our dinner.

Total expenses: 1055 Rs

DAY 10:


We left early for Taj Mahal soon after the breakfast. Believe me there are many beautiful and worth seeing historical places in India. But the Taj Mahal of Agra is the most beautiful of all. It is a dream in marble. My friends and were amazed! The vision cast a spell over me. It stood in unique majesty. What a fine lay out indeed! This is what one could say on the spot. It looked white on all sides. The green tufts of glass and the green shoots of hot Cyprus trees adorned its majestic beauty. Nature’s beauty made the ground of the building look all the more beautiful.

After a long photo-session we went down the staircase. We found the graves of the king and the queen under the dome in a dark chamber. Multicolored pieces of glass and couplets form the Quran decorated the side walls. The four minarets stood as watch men at each of the main building. We are supposed to take off our shoes in that area but the marble was killing hot and our feets turned red.
We returned followed by lunch knowing it was a full moon night next day.

Expenses: 1250 (including shopping)


DAY 11:

Riverside- Taj Mahal

We went to see the great Taj Mahal on the banks of River Yamuna half past 4 in the afternoon. The monument is truly a wonder. It is beautifully decorated with precious and carved stones. It is built in the memory of Shah Jahan’s beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal.

Soon, it was evening and a full moonlight followed the shading evening. It was almost night. Its beauty smiled in the silvery light of the moon. It was a memorable scene. Its reflections in the river Yamuna was magnificent. Clear picture of marble could be seen. I closed my eyes and opened them again to find it was a reality.
This was the best moment of the entire trip, at least for me.

We returned as it was the last night of the trip in Agra.

Expenses: Minimal

DAY 12, 13 and 14:

 Jim Corbett National Park Explored!

It was a really long journey of 340kms which took 6 hours to reach the national park, we were fascinated by the nature’s beauty.. We were unfortunate as it was rainy that time and were dealing with the flies n insects. We stayed 2 nights in the dorms in Dhikala. The overall experience was great.

Expenses: Cab expenses (Rs. 3981) + Shelter Rs(4000)

DAY 15:



We all headed towards Delhi at 6 in the morning with the happiness and fulfillment of having an awesome experience! Shared status’s played UNO on the go and we were home by lunch time.

Grand Total:
Distance: 1643 km
Expenditure: Rs 19800/-

That was #myunescotrip . Where’s yours 😀

Vaibhav Nanda


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