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My ‘Make Heritage Fun!’ Experience

The 6 month GoUNESCO internship has transformed my understanding of culture . I learned to appreciate and respect not only my culture, but also understand the diversity of cultural beliefs and tangible culture across the world.

I was able to engage people in making heritage fun and in appreciating and respecting it. I’m a Liberal Arts student, and the GoUNESCO internship gave me an opportunity to explore heritage and culture through tasks that helped me immerse myself into diverse cultural spaces. History has a mysterious edge to it, which is something I love. It was even more fun for me since I like to write.

Through this internship, I also got the opportunity to meet other heritage enthusiasts. We all had something to learn from each other. I learned to appreciate the heritage and culture whether it is tangible or intangible.

Every month, I looked forward to the different themes and tasks. I learned something new and different from each task. From my first MHF event, which I organised at the Agrasen Baoli, I learnt how oral traditions passed down from generations lent the baoli an eerie feel to it.

From the Craft task, I learnt to trace the history of a particular item which I did for the Khurja pottery report. My favourite event was definitely the food walk at Chandni Chowk. Being a foodie, I am glad I got the opportunity to taste the authentic and delicious food items of Dilli 6 and also learn the rich history attached to them.

It is important for us to know that culture and heritage are not just influenced by historical figures and famous people. We also actively contribute in the understanding and shaping of the culture and traditions of our community, and thus form an important part of what we call the cultural fabric of a context.

The essence of making heritage fun is viewing the heritage and culture from a different lens, a different perspective. It is to have fun while gaining knowledge.

There’s so much I was able to unravel in these 6 months and so much more left to explore.

A whole mine of heritage is yet to be explored and I’m excited to do so bit by bit, piece by piece.


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