Experts on Stari Ras and Sopocani

Serbia Stari Ras

The first expert I came across is a travel blogger, Michael Turtle. He has traveled almost the whole world and runs a website called
He has written fantastically about Stari Ras and Sopocani which are situated in�Serbia. He is considered an expert because he gives an insight on what a traveler feels when he reaches these world heritage sites.
His work can be seen here :�
The second expert I found is an author named Om D. Upadhya who has written the book called “The Art of Ajanta and Sopocani” which was published 2006.
He has been participated and won recognition in various exhibitions, and has designed murals in India and abroad. To his credit are a number of papers on art at national and international seminars and in journals. His work can be seen and bought online.
The third expert is a photographer called Penta. He runs his own website and watermarks his pictures with “123RF”.
He has captured this site so beautifully that it looks real. As it is rightly said, a photographer does not take a picture, he does magic. His work can be seen here :

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