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If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.
-Michael Crichton

Looking at the quotation above, we realize how much our history is important and this particular quotation we got it from an event GoUNESCO (#makeheritagefun) held at purana qila delhi. I think respected ajay reddy, the founder of GoUNESCO had came up with a solution to make history fun it is something astonish. Back in school we were used to sleep in class of history, paying no attention, we always used to thought what history has to done with the present. But now we realize we were wrong about our past ideology, history is important because by knowing history we can tolerate our wrong decision made in past by our ancestors.

Purana qila

Now, how other people see a heritage site in whole new different way, it has become a perfect spot for couple to spare their time littering around, scratching their names on the monument’s wall and many more who are destroying the facts behind these monuments. Well, throwing lights on people who scratching their names on the walls, creating blots on such a beautiful monuments if we don’t respect our culture and history then who will do? The main question arises what kind of pleasure do people get when they create such a nuisance for travellers visiting the heritage sites? I am still finding an appropriate answer to this question.

Purana qila

Anyway coming back to the event we explored and enjoyed through a game organised by GoUNESCO called sneak a peak in which we were divided into many groups each group consist of 3 members we were acquainted by the questions and crossward puzzle give by coordinator to us and a map to guide us. By solving riddles, performing different tasks like rolling down videos and many more plus I appreciate GoUNESCO, they have done a good job outreaching people to give them glasses to see the facts and fun behind the monuments, I am waiting for an another such event.

I wonder what next?

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Purana qila