Make Heritage Fun: Nechisar National Park

To understand the unexplored, one must dive right in. That’s what we did at Nechisar National Park.

#Makeheritagefun at Nechisar:

The #makeheritagefun event that I organised took place at the Nechisar National Park. This was my third attempt to visit the park during my time in the area. I managed to siphon a few locals into accompanying me on this visit. Their presence enabled me to have deeper insights into the area. The locals were able to find out new things about the natural heritage in their locality. The event was an interactive one. The group of local participants accompanied me on a systematic stroll through the park. I had managed to prepare a pre-activity list in order to have a better idea of what was to be done at the event. Assisted by a guide, we were able to understand the Nechisar ecosystem by looking at the various species that it provides an abode to. Through the interactions we had, we were able to develop a deeper insight about the significance of wildlife in African culture and economy. We found that the national park has its own national significance as a reserve of biodiversity and nature.

Some Pictures We Clicked:

One of the many entrances to Nechisar.
Image Courtesy: Miki Dowsing
The landscape at Nechisar is marked by diversity due to the amount of species it supports.
Image Courtesy: Miki Dowsing
The Park is also home to a plethora of tree species.
Image Courtesy: Miki Dowsing
Several species are endemic to the area, making it a seat of biodiversity.
Image Courtesy: Miki Dowsing

There needs to be an understanding as to how natural heritage adds to the cultural treasures of a geographical area. Nechisar’s contribution to the cultural milieu of Africa stands testament to this notion.

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