Greenery will bloom again – Torneranno i prati

�Torneranno i prati� di Ermanno Olmi. Source:

Greenery Will Bloom Again�is a 2014 Italian film directed by�Ermanno Olmi.
It is set in the trenches of the�Asiago Plateau, in 1917�and�was realized in occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.
It was played at the�65th Berlin International Film festival and�received eight nominations at the 2015�David di Donatello awards, including best film and best director.

The plot develops during one of the nights in a trench in the North-Eastern italian front.
A �historic time� (�spiritual�, as the author describes it), better than a narrative one.
The aim is to crystalize, in hours of waiting, instead of battle, the �white war� on the snowy mountains of Trentino Region. There is no clear plot, and the characters are named after their military grades: there is the major, the tenant, the captain�
The film is all about orders to follow and dangers to face, but everyone knows that it doesn�t make sense and everyone knows the end: the peace of the mountain becomes deadly for the soldiers.

Olmi wants to represent a symbolic portrait of the uselessness of war, based on the suffering of thousand of young soldiers (<< there wasn�t death in our dreams >>) and the importance of memory.

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