The 4-day Heritage Art Camp in Mysuru celebrated World Heritage Day

The four-day Heritage Art Camp in Mysuru organized by Department of Archeology  Heritage and Museums, commenced on 17th April marking the auspicious World Heritage Day celebrations.

The camp was inaugurated District in charge Minister Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa by painting on a canvas. He said that the heritage art is what remains from our rich culture and should be preserved and passed on to next generations. He emphasized that the heritage monuments and great personalities down the years should be brought alive in forms of art so that they live forever generations after. He also added that the rural areas have a rich treasure of heritage that is forgotten and has to be brought into limelight.

Mayor M J Ravikumar, Deputy Mayor Ratna Laxman, CADA chief Nanjappa, Dr. Gavisiddayya, Laxmi Narayan and others were also present during the occasion.

“Culture and art has deep roots in our country. But our youngsters lack knowledge of the history of our country. Young people should study history so that they will be aware of the richness of our heritage,” said Mahadevappa.


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