Heritage Experts for Cave of Altamira


EXPERT 1.Carol Perehudoff
• Spa reviewer at Examiner.com
• Writer at Luxury travel blogger
• Freelance writer at Self Employed

She is a Travel columnist, writes about adventure, spa, art, history and the great outdoors.She has won various awards such as 1st Place for the Cruise Category in the NATJA (North American Travel Journalists Association) Awards and 2nd Place,Leisure Category in the same NATJA Awards as well.She is also a member of various prestigious groups and association such as Society of American Travel Writers,The Freelance Writers Team,Travel Bloggers,Travel Editors & Freelance Journalist sand Writing Travellers.

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Chief Experience Officer of Northern Exposure Spain

He is born and brought up in Cantabria, at the heart of Northern Spain.Raised and educated around the world, well traveled, and seasoned in unique travel experiences, Northern Spain is a place that he is passionate about.He has having spent most of his life in and around here and has explored the area over a lifetime, developing a knowledge and understanding that can only come from years of hands on experience. He has walked and mountain biked the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) pilgrimage route across Northern Spain. He has been showing travelers around Northern Spain for over 20 years. He is Spanish and understands his cultures perfectly.Lifelong experience, traveler understanding and passion about cave’s unique history,traditional cultures and diverse natural environments are what make a small group, private custom tour of Northern Spain with him unique. Atamira Cave Tour is operated by Northern Exposure Spain, a boutique operator of custom tours in Northern Spain. Owner and guide Charles Schwalbe Garcia-Lago, a native of Cantabria, first entered the caves as a young child and has recently entered the original Altamira as part of a trial experiment.

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EXPERT 3.Diego A. Moreno
• Head of the Spanish Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Group
• Lecturer at the Technical University of Madrid

Diego A. Moreno is Doctor in Pharmacy, His research activity is focused on
biofilms and materials biofouling in different environments. Being the head of Spainsh Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Group he is responisble for educating the students of doctorate and postgraduated
courses about Materials Biodeterioration and provide them a wide and in-deep training on the biodeterioration processes that materials suffer in different environments. He has a publication in a special issue of International
Biodeterioration and Biodegradation. He has also written various articles and journals, papers about Cultural
Heritage Biodeterioration ehich were being published.

Link to his article on Cave of Altamira:
email id: [email protected]

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