Modi - travel to 15 destinations in india with Go Heritage Runs

20150128_165844As per the task given, I had nominated five of my friends to visit the heritage site that i had chosen previously. I took my friends,

Preseetha ,

Karthika ,

Shanmuga Priya,

Partha Sarathy ,

Ajeeth Kumar .

During this task , I had visited the heritage site twice. Once with an individual friend and the other time in a group. First I took my friend Preseetha to the site. I didn’t even have to convince her. All I had to do was to explain about Chepauk Palace and its ruined present condition. She was already eager and enthusiastic to visit because she absolutely adores old buildings with a history significance.20150128_170937-1[2]

The second time was totally unplanned as a group visit. Karthika and I had planned to go for a normal outing. When we were casually talking,  I had mentioned Chepauk Palace and explained about it a bit. Then I recommended to her to visit the palace. She was interested. We then roped her department friends by convincing them that the journey by MRTS would be fun and the palace just was nearby. As a result, Shanmuga Priya , Partha Sarathy , Ajeeth Kumar agreed to tag along. We all really had an awesome day. Everyone loved Chepauk Palace and its old world charm.20150131_153233

On this visit, I was surprised to  find the palace was under renovation. I was really happy that it was under renovation because  the last time I was really disappointed that no one was paying attention to the ruins. However because of the renovation, the authorities weren’t allowing us inside the palace. So we all had roamed around the palace for sometime.20150131_153811

Everyone was impressed  with the architectural characteristics of the building. They all were taking snaps of almost everything. They even wanted to come back after few months when the renovation was done.20150128_160929

These visits were memorable. I enjoyed sharing these moments with my friends. After-all Life is nothing without memories. As  the quote goes : ” LIFE CAN PASS  BY, IF YOU DON’T  STOP TO SAVOR  SMALL MOMENTS”.