GoUNESCO Internship Program Application Process

Deadline: June 27th, 2017
No. of Posts: We will not restrict entry by numbers, course, grades, etc – the only thing that matters is your commitment.
Period of Appointment: July 3rd 2017 to December 30th 2017.
Nature of Work: Online and offline
Time commitment: 1-5 hrs a week


How do I apply?
Your application is complete only if all the steps below are completed. If you have any queries, email us at internships@gounesco.com.

  1. Fill the application form below with your details.
  2. Coordinate and organize a #makeheritagefun event in your city. You will receive instructions on your email on how to organize an event. You can also check here for event ideas and tips for coordination.
  3. Involve your friends, family and other heritage enthusiasts or organizations from your city to participate on Sunday, the 25th of June. Tip – your chances of getting into the internship are higher if there are more people applying from your city, so encourage your friends to apply for the GoUNESCO Internship Program too!
  4. At the #makeheritagefun event, share your experiences (photos/videos/etc) on social media – instagram/facebook/twitter with the #makeheritagefun hashtag. Make sure all participants share too – this is a global campaign – the more shares, better the chance of your event getting highlighted!
  5. Important: After coordinating the campaign, write an article about the heritage location, and more importantly, your experience organizing the #makeheritagefun event – upload it here. You can add any number of pictures. Write as detailed an article as possible – instead of text, you can upload videos, embed slideshows, videos, etc too. Do not copy from the internet, always credit if you use external images. Suggested word limit – 800 words. Deadline: 27th of June.
Important Dates
  1. June 25, 2017 – #makeheritagefun day – you need to organize an event in your city on this date.
  2. June 27, 2017 – last day of applications – you need to upload a report of your experience organizing the event by this date.
  3. July 3, 2017 – Start of internship.
  4. December 30, 2017 – End of internship.
What is GoUNESCO?

GoUNESCO is a UNESCO New Delhi supported umbrella of initiatives with the goal of Making Heritage Fun. Since 2012, we have created channels to engage with heritage both online and offline. We have engaged thousands of people over the years with GoUNESCO Travel Challenges, student programs, Go Heritage Runs and the #makeheritagefun events.

What is the GoUNESCO Internship Program?

The GoUNESCO Internship Program (GIP) is GoUNESCO’s global student outreach program. This 6 month program promotes awareness of heritage and culture among young people via fun, educative tasks.

As part of the program, you will be assigned tasks which will make you ex heritage through exploration, research and interaction with people and organizations. Please read about the tasks assigned to interns in the past and current sessions of the program here – link. Depending on your performance, skills and your area of specialization, you may be assigned to specific teams with additional responsibilities. Got any more questions? Email internships@gounesco.com

Who can apply?
  • Any undergraduate/postgraduate student, who wants to learn more about heritage is welcome to apply! We have had everyone from students studying law to humanities, to engineering, even heritage studies participate in the past. Whoever you are, this intership will engage you with heritage in interesting, fun ways.
  • Applications are welcome from people of all nationalities, genders, ages – we do not discriminate.
  • The program is primarily meant for college students but you can choose to join even if you are not one currently.
  • This is an unpaid internship – there is no travel involved. All tasks are of either online or offline nature as explained in the first point. Offline tasks may involve you visiting heritage sites in your city.
Why should I apply?
  • This internship will help you discover heritage – around you and across the world from you.
  • Networking opportunity with students from across the world
  • The internship offers several leadership opportunities during the course of the internship. Several of our interns stay on and continue as coordinators in later sessions
  • Selected candidates who complete the required number of tasks will be awarded an e-Certificate of Appreciation from GoUNESCO
  • A great work experience!