GoUNESCO aims to be a global, participative platform for all things Heritage!

Which means, you can and are encouraged to participate. Volunteering with GoUNESCO is a great way to not just participate and be part of a global project, but also build connections with other heritage enthusiasts across the world and learn about your own heritage.

Please note that you can still participate without volunteering – you can write articles, share your heritage travel proofs and more and participate at your convenience. With volunteers we expect a more regular contribution and more commitment, please choose based on what suits your time and schedule constraints.

All our volunteer roles are location independent (you can join from anywhere in the world) and do not require you to travel unless specifically mentioned otherwise. We do not sponsor travel either.

Currently taking applications for –

  1. Country Research (3 month with flexible start and end dates) – editing, reviewing, fact-checking and publishing travel research pertaining to heritage sites around the world.
  2. Regional Reporter (3 month with flexible start and end dates) – highlight the vibrance of your city and country in the heritage and culture sector by sharing heritage and culture related news, events and happenings from your city/country.
  3. Outreach – Know an organization/institution, citizen’s group or individual anywhere in the world doing excellent work in spreading awareness of heritage? Let us know – email at outreach@gounesco.com.
  4. Press connect – Do you think that GoUNESCO’s work should be known to more people? Connect us with folks in the press or media you might know, write to them and copy us press@gounesco.com.
  5. Programming – Are you good at programming and are interested in building interesting tools that can help travellers and heritage enthusiasts? We have a few project ideas that you can build in your spare time, write to us – tech@gounesco.com.