Irresistible Festive Food from Punjab

Super Sweet Malpuaah!

Malpuaah’s are a famous treat to the Punjabi’s. It mostly made during the fasting festival of Karva Chauth. It is served as a ‘bhog’ to the goddess. It made from wheat flour which makes entirely healthy and light after a big fast day. Not just that also the sweetness of banana’s with cardamom cloves overtakes it to new heights. It is definitely a must have dish!

Recipe:  Click for recipe of Malpuaah (Check out the link)

Ajwain Puri

Recipe: Simply, take some amount of wheat flour dough nicely set for sometime. Now, add sincere amounts of salt and carom seeds(Ajwain) into it. Before starting to fold out, use some oil to give it a nice texture. Create ajwain puri balls. Use a press to make out a perfect round shaped puri’s. You can throw these into heated oil. Take them out when they turn slight reddish on both sides. Warm ajwain puri’s ready to eat! These can go best with potato sabze’ or pickels, even alone they never disappoint one’s hunger.

All time Kasar!

All time Kasar!

This is food item which is being made in my house all my life. Since it is made of the Rava and such less amounts of ghee(no frying), it is very healthy! A type of healthy snack, never say no to! This can also be stored for days. Therefore, Kasar has always remained a authentic sweet snack for punjabi’s over a lot of years.


Take a whole tea spoon of ghee. And equal amounts of Rava and sugar.

  1. Take ghee in a hot pan.
  2. After a minute when it gets warm, add Rava.
  3. On medium heat, roast the Rava until it becomes slight pinkish. (Keep stirring frequently)
  4. Take it out of the pan. Let it cool.
  5. Add sugar, and its ready to eat!