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Abel at Kamuzu Dam
A GoUNESCO traveler, Abel, at Kamuzu Dam II viewing area

Imagine a weekend with your loved ones at a quiet place someplace else away from the stress of work, the fast cars, the noise of the urban life to the comfort of nature, the rattling leaves, the soothing sound of the water waves, and the beautiful view of the setting sun. What a beautiful life! That becomes the experience of the few travellers who visit Kamuzu Dam II Viewing Area in the capital city of Malawi.

Kamuzu Dam is located in the outskirts of Lilongwe city, one and half hours ride from Bunda College of Agriculture, it has a great potential for mass visits but it is limited because it is taken for granted by the public. This is so mainly because the public has not cultivated a culture of vacations and travelling but even those who have prefer more luxurious hotel than a mere dam view. The other reason is that the Water Board, which manages the dam, hasn’t done more to sell viewing services to the public.


Once at the dam, you appreciate a great diversity of natural trees surrounding summer hats where you relax, read or just listen to the sound of the birds in the background. Or maybe you want to do something you don’t normally do at home, then you might want to ride a canoe with local fishermen or maybe you just want something to activate your mind which doesn’t involve an energy drink, then you might want to play chess one of the benches along the dam. What a profitable day!

I interacted with the staff members who attested to the fact that the place was in more than one way taken for granted. It’s hard to find clean drinkable water, so unless visitors bring bottled water, they risk drinking unsafe water.


There are some few cases during which the site has received camping visitors who spend more than just a day at the site. These are mostly church groups and youth organizations which have training sessions during the camp. Other visitors are choirs, individual musicians, and actors who shoot videos to appear in their song videos and films.

Worth mentioning are consistent visitors of the site who drive there every weekend; a University Lecturer at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources who likes to read in the summer hats only to drive back at sunset. Businessmen of Indian origin have also found great use of the site than the indigenes who neglect the existence of such a wonderful public place being offered to them at less than a dollar.

In the day that I visited the site, they had only registered six visitors yet the place has far more potential to bring to the country not only revenue, but also great travel experiences. The place can do a lot better with additional infrastructure, food and accommodation services, wireless internet and a sailing club.

Nevertheless, I invite you to visit Kamuzu Dam II viewing area for a fun travel experience with your loved ones in the Warm Heart of Africa.



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