The Kannawidan ‘Ylocos’ festival will commence in Vigan City, a UNESCO WHS

The Kannawidan ‘Ylocos’ Festival featuring Ilocos Sur ‘kannawidan’ (traditions). Image Credit: Getty Images.

2017 Event Details

Date: January 29 – February 13, 2017

Location:�Vigan and Bantay Cities, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Province, Philippines

Event Etymology

Kannawidan (Ilokano): “traditions” (English)


The�annual Kannawidan ‘Ylocos’ Festival is a showcase of Ilocos Sur’s unique and world-class agricultural produce and by-products such as, onion, garlic, bamboo (and turned into trays and baskets), buri palm leaves (and turned into mat, bags, baskets, fan, and hats),�corn (and turned into husk bags, flowers, curtains, and slippers), and coconut (and turned into local wine and vinegar). The annual event�also coincides with the province’s first harvests, and serves as a thanksgiving festival for the gifts of land bounties.

Schedule of Activities

As lifted from the Philippine Public Information Agency, the Kannawidan Festival has the following line-up of activities:

January 29-31:�Water and beach competition at the Cabugao Beach Resort

January 30-31: Table tennis tournament at the People�s Coliseum in Santo Domingo town

January 30-February 1: Education days

Feb 1-5: Technology and livelihood training

Feb 5-6: Rodeo competition

Feb 6-7: Game Fowl Expo at the Ilocos Sur Community College and Motor Show at Parada road in Santa Catalina town

January 31: Saniata pre-pageant and talent, and inter-band competition

February 1: Search for the biggest agriculture products and livestock, and dance competition

February 2: Quiz bee, poetry writing, traditional games, and Search for Miss Saniata 2016

February 3: Cooking competition, longanisa-eating contest, Siglat Eskwela Awards (awarding of outstanding schools and students), fashion show, and comedy night

February 4: Art competition, Siglat Awards (awarding of outstanding barangays and groups), dinner in Filipino costume at the National Museum Ilocos region complex, �Father Jose Burgos Awards, zarzuela, and bingo games

February 5: Awarding of outstanding products by the Department of Trade and Industry, art competition featuring Ilocano culture, and evening with Filipino artists

February 6: Drag racing in Santa Catalina, derby at the Santa Square Arena in Santa town, Mr. Kannawidan (bodybuilding competition), barn dance party and awarding, and Parokya ni Edgar concert

February 7: Fun run, street dancing in Vigan City, and dance showdown

What to Expect

  • Ilocos Sur is home to Calle Crisologo in Vigan City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with architecture that goes back to the early Spanish colonial period. Most visitors in Ilocos Sur book their stay along Calle Crisologo, and there isn’t much hotels to choose from so make sure to book early!


Further Inquiries

  • Contact the Ilocos Sur Public Information Agency office: +63 916 244099, +63 905 2908785, +63 908 2979146, [email protected], or find Kannawidan Ylocos 2016 on Facebook.



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