Kolkata’s Heritage: Victoria Memorial

Kolkata's Heritage: Victoria Memorial

Kolkata's Heritage: Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is not only a mere marble monument, it is the pride of Kolkata. As I heard the word ‘Heritage’, I knew where I had to go. Victoria Memorial was built between 1906 and 1921. This 95 year old monument has a different glamour all together.

This monument is fully made with marble and it was built after the death of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon. The marble monument consists of a museum which has galleries, 25 in total. These galleries display ancient things which were related to the British Empire and are probably 100 years old. The Victoria Memorial is not only a marble building it is the culture of Kolkata.  Every nation has its own culture and we the people of the national should always be able to take our culture forward.

As I had visited the site early morning, I could see that the garden area of the monument was filled with morning walkers. The garden is quite huge and consists of alot of greenery with 2 lakes. As I was walking on the stone bedded pavement, I thought about how important it is to keep the nation’s pride intact. If we don’t work towards it than who will.

Victoria Memorial has been  an tourist attraction in Kolkata since a long time. No matter how many times a person may have visited the site, visiting it again is always an enjoyable option. My favourite part of the monument is the lady of the top of the monument standing with an arrow. She is like the spotting point of Victoria from far away. I love the way she posses gratefully.

Victoria Memorial has been an amazing attraction for all age groups. It is the pride of Kolkata, it has been there for almost 10 decades. Culture is something which is embedded in all of us. We are the one’s  who will take it ahead with us step by step. Victoria Memorial will always be a favourite tourist attraction for all travellers. It not only reflects our culture it reflects us.

Citizens of every nation should take pride of their culture and respect it. Keeping a culture alive for hundreds of years takes alot of efforts. Taking the pain to do something for our nation is always worth it.

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