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So here I am with my favourite world heritage site The Old Rauma so I had visited the ofiicial Old Rauman world heritage site website ( which listed a few contact numbers and mail ids which made me choose Old Rauma I contacted people of the website and they were a great help in making me finish the tasks of this level followed by which they gave me a list of the people associated with Old Rauma and the people who breath and live Old Rauma , the email to was acknowledged by Mr Katja Siivonen an ardent admirer of Finnish heritage from Rauman kaupungin matkailu.

1. Mr Katja Siivonen Matkailu is the incharge at the Old Rauman Website and the heritage centre dedicated to Old Rauma, he helped me find people who were associated with Old Rauma and was a great help.

2.Rauma Museum is of course an expert on the history of the town. To contact the qualified personnel, I sent an e-mail to this address:

3.The Renovation Centre Tammela introduces the world heritage site and renovation of the old houses to both visitors and inhabitants. Their area of expertise is the renovation and maintenance of the world heritage site.

4.Mrs Anja Sirviö is an entrepreneur and a city guide in Rauma. To hear her opinions  on Old Rauma I contacted her via email.

5. Mrs Sanna Rantala is also a city guide in Rauma.

6.Mr Tarmo Thorström is an artist and a lace maker (Rauma is known for lace too!).

As these guys are super busy in their own works I knew it would be late for them to give me a reply the first person to reply me about Old Rauma was Mr Katja Siivonen in his own words this is the perspective of him about Old Rauma and Finnish Heritage.

1. Dear Abhinav,

Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in Old Rauma!


Old Rauma is a unique example of an old Nordic wooden town, where living, working and social life come together in the area spanning almost 30 hectares. Of the about 600 buildings, most houses are privately owned, but the narrow streets are still filled with small boutiques, cafés, ateliers and museums. In the museums of Old Rauma a visitor can explore the history and the way of living in Rauma over the centuries. The Holy Cross Church, a medieval church right by the Old Rauma area, represents one of the oldest buildings in the area. Old Rauma is full of interesting details, for example the narrowest known street in Finland, Kitukränn, is situated in the heart of Old Rauma.

In our personal opinion Old Rauma, though being a historical site, is a lively, idyllic and cosy city centre. Old Rauma welcomes all visitors to feel the unique atmosphere of this historical city centre, all year round.


Greetings from sunny Rauma!

Best wishes,

Katja Siivonen


waiting for others to reply their own opinions and perspectives !



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