Lost in the wilderness: how to find your way back to civilization without a compass?

Steering away from the campground or losing your bearings in the wilderness may seem like a little problem. Straying for miles into the woods can call for imminent danger. You would be lucky if the woods are not home to large predators and venomous snakes. Before heading out into the wilderness for camping, trail-riding or a simple long ride for some solitude, you should find out about the inhabitants of the forest.

Saving yourself should be your priority

If you lose your bearings, you need to calm yourself down first. This will help you gain a better sense of direction. Sadly, most of the times, people lose their way in the forest due to sudden horse riding accidents. Horses are easily spooked, and it is not very unheard of for a horse to throw their rider off and bolt. If that has happened to you, you must remember to not run after the horse. The ideal way would be to wait for the horse to calm down and then take the reins. However, that rarely happens, even with the best 2018 Kentucky Derby participants and trained horses. Especially if there was a strong reason behind the horse’s fear, it is unlikely that you will see your horse in the same location or gain control of him anytime soon.

Why it isn’t as bad as it seems

Losing your way while trail-riding or camping with your horse is not as bad as it seems. The owner of the horse or the keeper will get a search party out for you. Since almost all inns and resorts that provide horse riding amenities to their occupants keep a tight tab on their equine schedules, they are bound to have some form of emergency rescue service for the lost outdoor enthusiasts. You can always help them by heading to the right direction. In such a dire scenario, it is your responsibility to keep your safety in mind.

Find the right direction without the sun

While people always think about following the North Star after losing their way, they rarely think about a situation where the sky is overcast or when the canopy is too thick. This can prevent you from telling the direction even during the day. However, there are a few telltale signs inside the forest you can look for to check which direction will lead you towards civilization.

  1. Look for moss. Moss usually grows away from sunlight on the tree trunks. They often occur in the north.
  2. Spiders mostly build their webs on the southern side of the trees. Locate a spider web to know which side is south, but always rely on the security in numbers. Finding one whacky spider who built his web to the north is not impossible.
  3. If you find yourself near a water body, look for animals. They usually breed towards the western side. If you locate nests or eggs, you are on the western side of the water body. Fill some water in your flask and get going!

Since you have some time before you start packing for your trip, why don’t you throw in a pair of high-power torch lights, some first aid kit and a compass inside your knapsack? It is always better to have as much help as you can, in the event of a mishap!

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