The Majestic Crafts Bazaar : Dilli Haat (A Photowalk)

If you are in Delhi and craving for crafts, food and cultural activity then do not wait for a second thought and visit the treasure house of Indian culture, ethnic cuisines and handicrafts. The magical world of Delhi or Dilli Haat is altogether a delightful experience.


The market is located in one of a very prominent locations of South Delhi, opposite the INA market. The haat is open everyday from 10 am to 10 pm. It was inaugurated in March 1994 by the Delhi Tourism, NDMC, D.C. (handicrafts) and D.C. (handlooms), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India & Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India with the aim of promoting and empowering the artists of the country and preserving the rich culture and heritage of India.

The market complex is designed in a semi-urban plaza, with small souvenir shops, stalls of delicacies from different states and union territories, handlooms under small thatched roof cottages and an open stage for cultural performances and a playing area for children.

I shall take you to this home of handicraft and handloom artisans through my pictures. So virtual visitors, here we go!

Designed and decorated with beautiful paintings and crafts, the complex is pleasant to behold. All of which are available on sale.

There are around 35 stalls, each of which have something unique to display.


Iranian Crafts on display at the Haat.


One gets to witness the beauty of arts and craftsmanship at Dilli Haat.


The craftsmanship of women is also promoted. The skill they possess helps them in earning a livelihood and protect the indigenous art and craft forms of the country. When at Dilli Haat you can very easily witness women painting and indulged in craft making of jewellery making.


What would be the best dining set if not this? A variety of alluring plates and jars and jugs and bowls made up of ‘chikni-mitti’ are available at Dilli Haat.


Traditional hand-woven wall hangings.



Decoratives that capture the eye.


A variety of jewellery from earrings to bangles to pendants, modern as well as tribal and traditional jewellery are available at Delhi Haat. So for ladies it is the perfect place. Indian Puppetry, which involves story telling through puppets is also very popular at the Haat.


Metal statutes are available in a large number and variety. From antiques to famous bronze pieces of gods and goddess.


Dilli Haat is also very famous for momo. If you love Indian-Chinese there’s no better plate than this. It is available at most of the food stalls like : Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland etc.


From clocks to lampshades and lanterns, a variety of home decor items are available at this marketplace. The decors are all handmade and very exotic.

There are a wide number of things one can pick from Delhi Haat. A must visit place and according to me a trip to the city is incomplete without visiting this place. It has a unique atmosphere that brings one close to the cultural synthesis.

I hope the photo series provided an insight to another treasure in Delhi. ( Photo Credits for all the pictures – Geetika Mishra)

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