Make Heritage Fun! 2017 Calendar

What started as a task for our student interns in 2014, is now a global campaign to motivate people to engage with heritage. #makeheritagefun is a distributed social media campaign�occurring simultaneously across cities around the world to draw attention to heritage�� and is yet another intitiave by GoUNESCO�for laypersons to engage with�heritage. Experiences from across the world are collated and amplified through�social media using the hashtag #makeheritagefun.

The prime goal of a #makeheritagefun event is to draw attention to�heritage, by creating both online buzz and offline conversations. The�events are intended to bring together people interested in heritage�and start these conversations.

Taking place once every 3 months, the global social media campaign, #makeheritagefun, will be taking place on the following dates this year:

  • 26th of March, 2017
  • 25th of June, 2017
  • 24th of September, 2017
  • 17th December, 2017


#makeheritagefun Prague
#makeheritagefun at Charminar, Hyderabad

The first #makeheritagefun , started in June 2015, was organized almost�simultaneously in 11 cities in Asia and Europe. Since then, it has grown profoundly�and�sees more than 250 cities across 7 continents participate.

GoUNESCO acts as a�catalyst and offers centralised support including registrations and promotion, but the events themselves are planned and managed by volunteers in these cities. These volunteers can be anyone � in the past, we have seen students, travel bloggers, heritage organizations, even World Heritage Site managers have organized events in the past. The key�aspect to note is that we do not impose�our thoughts � heritage and its interpretation is left entirely to the organizers.

#makeheritagefun at Puebla
#makeheritagefun at Cairo

So mark your calendars and get set to celebrate your local heritage, globally! Sign up to volunteer and participate – here.

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  1. Hello Heritage Lovers,
    My name is Talila Yehiel.
    I am a museum and heritage expert on the Platform.
    I was a visiting lecturer in Puebla. WE, museum curators, educators and students created Puebla interactive map

    I am ready to give you a hand to create your city map on the platform.
    Talila [email protected]

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