Taking the Manifesto forward

We’ve now reached the end of our 6 month GoUNESCO internship. Over the past half-year period, our interns have dabbled in a plethora of themes. These encouraged them to explore their local contexts thoroughly, they also rummaged through a lot of internet archives – our objective to enlighten them heritage through primary and secondary research has been reached!

Since 2014, we have conducted two sessions of the GoUNESCO internship annually, from January to June, and from July to December. Our internship programs have helped us teach the youth across several contexts to derive the best from their own native cultures. However, for this next round, we’d like to flip the script and give you more control!

Exercise your Wanderlust, and share your experiences with us! We’re waiting with open arms.
Image: Kazicle on Flickr

Rather than through the internship, we would like to invite you ALL to participate and reach out to us. We are reaching out to all the heritage enthusiasts around the world! Yes! This post is for you. We want you to share your experiences with us and make meaningful contributions to the GoUNESCO website. By becoming regular contributors, we want you to help us make heritage fun.

If there is somewhere that your wanderlust has taken you, some local heritage sites that you feel need attention, or some interesting cultural finds that you’ve stumbled upon on the internet, we want you to write about them and reach out to us. Our editors will have your pieces spruced up and published in no time! We believe that opening up the floor to submissions will strengthen our potential to widen our base of allies who truly care about heritage across the world.

To reach out, you can email our editor at <shantanu @ gounesco.com>.

We’re excited to hear about your experiences! Image: POD Marketing on Flickr

However, we need you to follow a few simple guidelines with your submissions:

  • Articles must be between 300-500 words in length.
  • The articles must pertain to heritage/ culture of any kind! We’re open to all possibilities.
  • Every article must be accompanied by at least 3 pictures of at least 600×600 resolution.
  • These pictures must be either self-clicked, or sourced from Flickr or Wikimedia Commons (creative commons license). If sourced from any other source, please include proof of permission from the original owner or copyright owner of the photographs. All photos must be credited to owner/copyright owner.
  • Promotional articles and SEO/link building articles will not be allowed.
  • And finally, we have a strict no plagiarism policy. Copy pasting or quoting extensively without providing a source is strictly prohibited!

As long as you subscribe to the above guidelines, we will be happy to go through your pieces and have them published. We want to make heritage fun, and with your help, we hope to create a repository of information that helps young people and old alike have a higher sense of awareness about the varied heritage that exists across the globe.

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