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#Mumbai #MarineDrive #Gounescoselfie
#Mumbai #MarineDrive #Gounescoselfie
#Mumbai #MarineDrive #

Marine Drive-Mumbai
Marine drive is like heaven for everyone in Mumbai. Every mumbaikar likes to get there for peace relief etc its everything for Mumbaikar, if anyone comes from out of Mumbai they would be definitely asked about Marine Drive.
At night its like a necklace of Mumbai glittering from one point to the other. Mumbai marathon is conducted on marine drive road.
Its very easy to get upto Marine drive from Marine lines station & if you are coming by CST taxi & BEST bus are there till marine drive bus will cost you 15rs, taxi depends upon its meter. If you are a mumbaikar and not had visited marine drive then you should start hiding your face.
We feel stress free relax from everything when we hangup their, nice place for reunion of friends & nice place for couples to chit chat love .
MarineDrive main attraction is in monsoon rain its very SPL movement for those who hangout there in rain.
In Mumbaikar style ‘bole toh ek number spot h akhay Mumbai ka agar marine drive nai dekha toh sala tera Mumbai me rhay na bekar h’