Celebrating the Rann Utsav

The Rann of Kutch or the White desert it is one of the biggest salt deserts in the world.A perfect Rendezvous for winter time, it is  no wonder that it is a hotspot of music ,dance and natural beauty. A visit on a full moon night is recommended strongly to enjoy to the fullest. The Rann Utsav is put up near Dhordo, very near to the airport.The tent city has more than 400 tents.

The Experience

My trip to Rann of Kutch dazzled me. It is a geographical marvel of nature that expands to 7505 miles in the Thar Desert. A sensational salt marsh with a sparkling panorama of white sands that looks just endless, but so close to Pakistan; you almost feel as if you can see the boundaries as you keep on walking tirelessly. The Tourism Department of the Government has started the tradition of the Rann Utsav. It literally means ‘festival of the desert’, and it encourages tourism and forms a great source of livelihood for the locals. From sightseeing to shopping Rann Utsav has everything under one roof and of course its a great experience to stay in the Tent city.In the evening one can relax and enjoy the cultural show.

Image: Gujarat Tourism

Things to do :

  • Enjoy a camel ride and listen to the singers singing the local Folk songs. Tourists end up dancing and merrymaking, the local Gujarati end up playing Garba (a dance Form of Gujrat)
  • Shopping for exotic handicrafts with Kutchi embroidery and artistic jewelry can end a day well spend.
  • After Shopping and sightseeing one can taste Kutchi cuisine which consists of Bajre ka Rotla, Khicdi, Kadhi and fresh onion to gulp it down with lassi or Butter milk.


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