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Motifs on the Nubian houses
A typical Nubian house with the magnificent motifs drawn on it.
Product collection based on Nubian culture
A set of product collection that can be used on a daily base for Nubia brand that represent Nubian culture through their motifs that are drown on their houses.
Product collection based on Nubian culture
Product collection based on Nubian culture


Egypt has a wide range and diversity in its culture that starts with literature, Music, Art, Fashion, Food, Dancing etc. However the main problem in the Egyptian culture is that it isn’t market or promoted well. Moreover the political situation in Egypt is taking over everything and the Egyptians started to neglect and forget their culture and tradition.

Due to my eagerness for knowledge and always being keen in knowing and understanding everything around me, reading and travelling have made me discover my love to cultural diversity. I started to appreciate the importance of knowing how people live, act, eat, dress and connect with one another.

Culture is what defines a certain group of people. It is the identity of a country or a region. It is the seed of a society, the web that keeps us connected, the foundation of our roots and the nature of our existence, our footprint and our mark in history.

I’m a graphic designer, art-lover who loves traveling and discover different cultures. Through my bachelor- and pre-master projects, I discovered my love for Egyptian culture.

It all started with my Premaster project. I worked on reviving old Nubian culture. The Nubian women usually drew the drawings on their houses. The drawings vary with each woman’s taste and character. Visual culture can only be understood in the context of everyday experience. Hence, it was believed to be necessary to understand the way of life of the Nubian people, and the values, beliefs, and experiences, which inform their art.


During my study field I conducted several interviews in order to find the real meaning behind these motifs. The motifs are mainly inspired by the nature and the surroundings of a Nubian.

Nesma - field study and interviews
Nesma – field study and interviews

The outcome of my project was a collection of patterns that were inspired by the Motifs on the Nubian houses. Later on I experimented my patterns on fabrics with different techniques, such as embroidery, woodblock printing and stencil printing. This project was one of the eye opening experiences for me.

Experimenting patterns in a Block printing technique on fabrics
Experimenting patterns in a Block printing technique on fabrics
Experimenting patterns in a Block printing technique on fabrics 2
Experimenting patterns in a Block printing technique on fabrics

While finalizing my project I remembered my bachelor project, which was reviving Egyptian tourism in Tunis Village in Fayoum city. This was the point where I decided to create a Studio that aims to work on different projects that tackles distinctive cultural regions within Egypt. Reinforce Egyptian culture is my main ‪purpose.

The purpose of my bachelor project was to revive Egyptian tourism in Tunis Village-Fayoum and aware people of the art of pottery.

Fayoum has been neglected since 15 years ago, though it has numerous places to visit. After the revolution, the economic situation went down which created a demotivation for the pottery artists. Therefore an Annual Pottery Festival has been created in order to raise awareness of Tunis Village and the Art of Pottery.

The Annual Pottery Festival was created right after the revolution. It faced multiplicities of problems such as; it’s not well organized, they didn’t have a designer to design all printed publications and they didn’t have strong marketing plan.

The design of my project was attentive on an awareness campaign where I encourage people to visit Tunis Village and aware them of the importance of art of pottery before it gets extinction.

I’ve been always interested in personal and professional opportunities to make a positive impact on my society. My dream for the future is to work in the culture sector in order to help my country to be raised once again and acknowledged by everyone. I wish to make people aware of our rich culture, history and heritage.

And from that day I realized that I’m yearning to create my own startup that develops and aware people of the Egyptian culture history, heritage and it’s importance towards the world especially that today the world is rapidly growing everyday through economics, market, technology and even art is increasing daily with new artistic visions.
Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae – Egypt