Movies filmed at World Heritage Sites

Many movies which we see often have a plot which includes some historical places of great importance. In this case I will tell you about some movies which were shot at some famous World heritage Sites.

The Motorcycle Diaries
Adapted from the book of the same name, by Che Guevara, reveals his early travels in Latin America.
Machu Picchu, a World Heritage site in Peru, appears on the route to Lima from Cusco. Here him and his
travel companion Alberto Granado have some conversation about local people’s struggle against the Spanish invaders
and reactivating Tupac Amaru’s Revolution against them(Spanish invaders). The moment was nostalgic for Guevara as he felt.
The motorcycle diaries

V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta, adapted from a novel of the same name, is a story a freedom fighter “V” who triggers a rebellion against the fascist rule. Palace of Westminister appears at the end when it is blown up and destroyed in order to end the rule of the fascist Norsefire Party. Trafalgar Square and the Westminister were filming site. It was first time ever this area was kept close for public for commercial filming purpose. Indeed the story at the Westminister was really crucial part of it. V for Vendetta

The Da Vinci Code
Based on the same named novel by Dan Brown, is about a symbologist from Harvard University Robert Langdon, who is set on his quest to find the true secret of the Holy Grail, revelation of which will lead to destruction of Christianity.Some parts of the movie are shot at the City Centre, Rome as well as Westminister Abbey. Almost whole movie is shot around these places. So the City Centre of Rome & Westminister Abbey were really crucial in the movie. Da Vinci Code

It is a romantic musical film about a young boy from Delhi who aspires to be a rockstar. In between he falls in love with a young Delhi girl. Eventually he gets a chance to release his first album and he ends up in Prague with Platinum Music Company. Then a song is filmed at Historic Centre of Prague (Charles Bridge, Old Town, etc.). This was the start of his career as a Rockstar. He found his love in Prague, so Prague was really significant part of his life.


Yeh Jawani hai Deewani
It is a coming-of-age romcom film about few young friends, one of which was “Bunny” who wants to wander and travel every part of the world. He wants to study Journalism. After graduating from Northwestern University, Chicago Bunny he gets a job at FOX Traveller. One day, one of his colleagues offers to become the host of a new TV Show the channel wants to do and he accepts the offer. This scene was shot at the Seine River Bank in Paris. This was the next step in fulfilling his dream of travelling the world and hence is of great significance. Jawani hai Deewani