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Make Heritage Fun! – Jammu

Location : Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex, Jammu

Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex in Jammu was the royal seat of the Dogra dynasty. The construction was started in 1710 by Raja Dhruv Dev and last buiding i.e Rani Charak Mahal was completed in 1915. The architecture of the complex is a mix of Rajasthani, Islamic, Hindu,Gothic and Colonial styles. The complex is composed of various parts:-

  • Administration (Army Headquarters, Pink Hall, Royal Courts etc.)
  • Residence of Rajas (Gole Ghar, Raja Ram Singh Palace, Raja Amar singh Palace)
  • Residence of Ranis (Rani Charak Palace, Rani Kathar Palce,Rani Guleri Palace)
  • Recreational ( Diwan e aam, Marble Hall)
  • Religious ( Shiv Nabh Temple, Gadha Dhar Temple, Thakur Dwara Temple)

Site Plan of Mubarak Mandi Complex (made by INTACH –

The event was scheduled at Mubarak Mandi Complex on 20th December 2015. The walk started from Main Deodi(entry) of Mubarak Mandi Complex. I explained about the architectural style of various buildings on the way through the complex. I also told the group about the history of each building. Then we proceeded to Dogra Art Museum where Mr. Kirpal Sir (Curator) guided us through the Museum and told the group about the collection of the Museum includes world famous collection of Pahari miniature paintings from Basholi. Also the Museum houses Terracotta heads from Akhnoor, Sculptures, Numismatics, Manuscripts, Dogra costumes, Jewellery, Arms and Armours, Metal objects and Artifacts related to Dogra dynasty. After this we visited Residence of Ranis and Rajas and we clicked photographs there for the event.

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Look Up!
Look Up!
Sun and Moon!
Sun and Moon!
mubarak mandi complex
Site Plan of Mubarak Mandi Complex (made by INTACH –,d.c2E)


The following posters were also designed by me for the awareness of the event using prominent heritage structures of Mubarak Mandi Complex.