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In this week I got chance to visit Mumbai university of fort area, outsider’s are not allowed at this place because its very old & historic place ,very well maintained. It was been built in 1870. Its architecture is being given by  George Gilbert, in this area of Mumbai university there is an Convocation hall that hall has won 2007 UNESCO asia pacific heritage Award of Distinction. I attend a seminar in that hall so I got to peek inside that hall, its architecture is tremendous & outstanding . I was feeling very proud to get inside because that hall was 133 yr old I am not able to express that feeling, I was been there for 6hrs. I truly enjoyed alot there, being an mumbaikar I’m proud that my city have this incredible part. If anyone come to Mumbai & go back to their home without visiting this part then he might be unlucky one from my point of view. There is lots of historic heritage spots nearby. Mumbai CST station itself is an historic spot which is very interesting but not like our Mumbai university ;). If you are visiting this area you can eat Mumbai special “Vada Pav” in this area & you will find an sugercane juice center ever where or else I say in every corner of that area. you must taste our mumbaikar’s favourite vadapav & sugarcane juice. You can buy clothes accessories book in CST area. Everything would be very cheaply available if you know to bargain in mumbaikar style ;). There are 1000 things you can do in Mumbai . Mumbai is heart of Maharashtra. It is a city of dreams, people come to Mumbai to conquer their dreams. Mumbai in Hindi translation Mumba-Mother & there is a temple name mumbadevi in Mumbai which is very famous. IMG_20150123_192613IMG_20150123_195217Jpeg