#myUnescoTrip- Mayank Bansal

Day 1

Departure from Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti

Departure from station- 20:15

Distance – 610kms

Train Cost – INR 365 only

Time- 10h 40Mins

Day 2

Arrival at Khajuraho – 06:35 am

Check in- hotel cost- aprox INR 1500

Breakfast at hotel-

Then auto to khajuraho group of monuments– auto cost INR 50

There are about 34 sites to visit in khajuraho

Khajuraho is a heritage destination renowned for its temples having sculptures carved in erotic poses and is visited by guests from world over. Visit Western Group of Temples in the late afternoon (Audio Tour .in the Evening. Return to hotel


Total cost- 2000 INR( Hotel + 3 time meal)

Distance Traveled- 30-40 kms

Time- 10Hours


Visit Eastern and Southern group of Temples. Day Excursion to Panna (46 kms). Panna is home to Gharia Sanctuary, Raneh Waterfalls and Diamond Mines.

Evening free for shoping. Leave for sanchi by bus after dinner.

Total cost- INR 1000(inclusive of transport+ meals)

Distance Traveled- 60-70 kms+330Kms( Khajuraho to Sanchi)

Time- 12Hrs.


Day 4

Reached Sanchi. Check into a hotel.

Have breakfast.  In the noon leave for Sanchi Stupa.

Visit to Udayagiri caves  via auto after lunch.

Return to hotel in the evening.

Have lunch in hotel and then have a walk in the city.

Total cost- INR 1500(Hotel + meal + transportation)

Total distance Traveled- 80 kms

Time- 7-8Hrs


Day 5

Leave for Bhimbetka in the Morning via taxi after Breakfast in Hotel.

Bhimbetka caves are located about 50Kms from Sanchi. Explore the Bhimbetka complex. It has Auditorium rock shelter, the fascinating rock paintings.

Leave for Bhopal after that. Bhopal is just 45kms from Sanchi. Leave for Gaya in the evening via train from Bhopal at 18:45Hrs

Check into a hotel.

Total Cost- 2000 INR (taxi + meals+hotel+train)

Total Distance- 120Kms .

Time- 10Hrs


Day 6

Reached Patna in the Noon. Explore Patna.  Leave for Rajgir via bus. Rajgir is just 94kms from patna

After reaching Rajgir check into a hotel.

Total cost- 1500INR(meal + bur fare+hotel)

Total Distance- 120kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 7

Explore places of Rajgir. Places like- Ajatshatru Fort, Jarashand ka Akhara.

Head towards Nalanda to visit Nalanda University. One of the oldest universities of India. And Explore Nalanda Archaeological Museum.

Total cost- 1000INR(meal + bur fare+auto)

Total Distance- 120kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 8

Leave for Gaya via bus from Rajgir. Gaya is 66kms from Rajgir.

Reached in the noon and check into hotel. After lunch leave for Mahabodhi Temple and adore the temple and its beauty.

Total cost- 2000INR(meal + bur fare+hotel)

Total Distance- 120kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 9

Visit the famous Thai monastery, Royal Bhutan monastery and the Archeological Society of India Museum. At 2:30Pm leave for Allahabad via Mahabodhi Express from Gaya Junction.

Reached Allahabad at 8pm. Check into a guest house near railway station.

Have dinner and take rest.

Total cost- 2000INR(meal + train+hotel)

Total Distance- 600kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 10

Explore Markets and places of Allahabad. The Allahabad Fort.

Khusaru Bagh, and Anand Bhawan. Visit Sangam in the noon and then in the evening to be a part of the very famous Ganga Arti.

Back to hotel and take rest and have dinner.

Total cost- 1000INR(meal)

Total Distance- 70kms

Time- 8Hrs


Day 11

After Breakfast leave for Agra via train. Train leaves at 9:30 am and reaches Agra at 4:10pm.

Check into a guest house or hotel.

Explore near by places and go for shopping. Agra is famous for Shoe markets. Have the Agra’s famous petha.


Total cost- 2000INR(meal + Train +hotel)

Total Distance- 500kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 12

Visit Taj Mahal and Agra fort. Have lunch on the go. Return to hotel.


Total cost- 900INR(meal + Transport)

Total Distance- 70kms

Time- 6hrs


Day 13

Visit  Fatehpur Sikri via bus/cab. Have lunch. Go shopping and explore more places in agra. Leave for Mathura in the evening. Reach Mathura, stay in a guest house. Have dinner and take rest.


Total cost- 2000INR(meal + bur fare+hotel)

Total Distance- 300kms

Time- 10Hrs


Day 14

Explore places in and around Mathura. Temples of Lord Krishna, ISKON temple, Vrindavan and many more. Return to hotel and take rest.

Total cost- 1000INR(meal + bur fare+hotel)

Total Distance- 120kms

Time- 12Hrs


Day 15

Leave for Delhi via Bus. Reach Delhi till noon. Return home, take rest and have lunch.

Total cost- 1000INR(meal + bur fare+ metro fare)

Total Distance- 250kms

Time- 10Hrs


Total Sites Covered-

  1. Khajuraho Group of Monuments
  2. Sanchi Stupa
  3. Udayagiri Caves
  4. Bhimbetka
  5. Bhopal
  6. Gaya-Mahabodhi Temple
  7. Allahabad
  8. Agra
  9. Mathura


Total Money Spent*-

INR 20000(Aprox)+ Shopping

*- cost may differ due to varying cost.

Total Kms Travelled-

Aprox- 3500(+/-)10kms.

Note- The trip was an hypothetical trip.

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