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Located on the ridge of the Aravalli hills, the Nahargarh Fort forms an impressive northern backdrop of the Pink City, Jaipur. Me along with eight of my adventurous friends decided to explore the hilltop retreat.

Reaching the fort is a nine kilometer steep climb from the Amber fort. We preferred our Honda™ Activas for the ride. The terrain was rugged with a few steep ascents and descents.

The view of famous historical places such as the Water Palace (Jal Mahal) was mesmerizing from the hill.
After reaching the fort, we parked our scooters and headed towards the main complex. The fort overlooks the whole city of Jaipur. It also consists of a small palace which was built by the Maharajas centuries ago for the guests. It also served as a monsoon retreat. The Nahargarh fort also houses a Nahargarh sanctuary.

View from the Nahargarh Fort
Panoramic View of the city


The Nahargarh Fort of Rajasthan in contrast to the other forts of Rajasthan is neither very massive nor very crowded. As such it offers a perfect spot for all those who wish to spend some quiet moments with themselves. The tranquility offered by the fort draws many tourists from far and wide. This pleasure palace of Rajasthan is one of the most loved picnic spot today. It looks most classy when floodlit at night. The fort overlooks the city and presents a glittering view of the city lights.